Reverse 200 - Sleepless Keith

Writer: Kiernan Dempsey

The program that comes with this problem is deliberately written to confuse people. All of the methods and variables have names that are not easy to read, and many method and variables are deliberately written to look similar. This program takes a string of random letters, and puts it through a method that changes all of them. It then returns the altered string. This altered string is the flag. What the method does, is it goes through all 10 of the string’s characters, and at each point, it changes the character into something else. There are multiple things that the method can do to the characters in the string, and which thing it does is determined by an “if” statement. By using the character’s ASCII value, and going through each of the changes (being careful not to mix up similar-looking variables), it is possible to alter the string yourself, and thus, find the flag.

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